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To take your innovation to the next level Technoport gives you serveral very special “Human Factor” workshops to choose from, each lasting from 75 minutes to 3 hours. Most of them have a limited amount of seats available, a few of them are open, so remember to look out for that sign up email that will be coming soon!

More detailed info will follow soon, in links on the individual workshops. But here are some short introductions:

Design Thinking Deep Dive (3.5 hours)
This is an introduction to the key tools, methods, and mindset of design thinking, whick you will learn by working in pairs or in teams on a real-life challenge.

Designing a diverse and inclusive organization (2.5 hours)
Paradigm works with great tech companies like Spotify, Twitter and Airbnb to optimalize their organizations, and now they’re here to help you do the same. This engaging, action-oriented workshop will equip participants with an understanding of key barriers to diversity and inclusion across the employee lifecycle, considering how organizations attract and hire candidates, as well as how they develop and retain their workforce. Participants will learn strategies for cultivating more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organizations, and will brainstorm on how to implement those strategies in their respective workplaces. The workshop content is relevant for organizations of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations.

Boost creativity using Neuroscience (2.5 hours)
Here you’ll learn the latest in neuroscience to help you and your organisation optimize your creative brainpower to solve complex problems, improve workflows and discover new opportunities.

The Mobility Challenge “Floke” (90 minutes)
We invite young and old to join the mobility workshop where we will work on defining which spaces in the transport and mobility sector are in need for innovation. We will identify the bottle-necks for both social adaptation and organizational cooperation, and therefore especially invite professionals in the private and public sector to participate. You do not need a special level of experience but you will participate with your knowledge as a professional, academic or user of transport systems. (Floke is an open innovation program across three sectors tackling wicked societal problems, turning them into business opportunities)

Improving Your Empathy Skills in times of Conflict (2.5 hours)
In this workshop empathy expert Belinda and hostage negotiator Chris will show you why empathy matters in business, and how to show more empathy in conflicts, leadership and language. It’s easy to be emphatic to those you agree with, but to really test your empathy skills we’ll focus on conflict situasjons and how to show empathy to those who are very different from you.

Looking at the world with Fresh Eyes – using methods from the human sciences to solve your biggest business problems (2 hours)
In this masterclass we will explore how to see the world with fresh eyes by using methods from the human sciences like anthropology, sociology and philosophy. Mikkel B. Rasmussen, the co-author of the award winning book “The Moment of Clarity – using the human sciences to solve your toughest business problems” will introduce a radically empirical approach to business creativity that is both evidence based and at the same time open and explorative. At the end of the day creativity in business is about making a bet on human behaviour. Whether you are designing a new car, introducing a new brand campaign, developing a digital interface or simply planning a launch of a product you are making assumptions about customers and their world.

Big Design – Reinventing the welfare in welfare tech (75 min)
09:00-10:15 Living room 4
Trondheim is redefining itself as an open city both in terms of its welfare tech strategy and more importantly through a shift in self-identity. The municipality has undertaken a monumental organizational development program where 400 leaders are recruited and empowered to link leadership to social change. Big Design methodology is at the core of the undertaking. The session builds on work presented at a share the problem session during Technoport 2016.

Workshop participants are invited to share some of the underlying principles and philosophies behind these movements, and to act in a space where tech is reinstated as a means of creating a community with a human face.

Smart City – from talk to action. (90 min)
10:30-12:00 Living Room 3&4
Why should  cities cooperate on smart cities solutions – and how to do it?

Goal: Come up with a concrete concept for cooperation.

City bikes PLUS. We will use city bikes as case because it is a mature smart city solution that still has unexploited potential for other areas of smart use than simple mobility. At the same time, city bikes as a case provides an interesting platform for discussing how cities can co-operate on smart city solutions in practise.

This is a double workshop. One group attack the technical and implementation challenge. Another group; the aspect of policy and citizen engagement.


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