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March 25, 2020 - Trondheim, Norway

Future-proofing tech development

Climate change is not a question anymore, it’s a reality. And the immense consequences will change and shape all parts of our society for years to come.

Science based technological innovation, or “deep tech”, is one of the most important tools we have to meet the great challenges ahead. But, R&D takes time and that is something we are running out of. So, it IS time to ask: Are we really ready for what’s coming?

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Why attend?

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Take part in building a deep tech ecosystem that’s great at making game-changing solutions a reality.

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Gain new insights, perspectives and best practices from the world’s leading experts.

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Get updated on new and exciting tech, and experience what the future holds in our interactive Expo.

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Technoport is a hot-bed for startups, researchers, founders and investors - find new solutions to your needs, get investments, or team up with an expert.

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Call for Deep Tech


Great tech often flies under the radar. Help us uncover hidden gems in climate resilience by suggesting people, projects or topics that deserve the spotlight, or other things you'd love to see at the conference.