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Technoport 2020

Deep Tech & Climate Resilience


The change is happening all around us and consequences of climate change will be felt in every aspect of our lives. But what does that actually mean? Climate mitigation technology, while necessary to further develop, is not going to be enough to cope with the effects of a more hostile climate. The new world we’ll find ourselves in will work differently - the way we live, work and do business is going to change.

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Future-proofing tech development

Even if we succeed in rapidly cutting emissions - and hopefully we will - our climate will be changing for decades to come - and in many sectors, the consequences are too poorly mapped out. In just a generation, the environment we live, work and do business in will significantly change.

As a deep tech innovation conference, we want to put focus on some of the most important factors that will influence tech development in the coming years. At Technoport 2020, we will explore what is required of us in terms of climate resilience and future-proofing society, while still working as hard as possible on reducing CO2-emissions. How can we make sure that humanity has a future regardless of the ecological disaster we created?  We’ll explore some of the most important factors that will influence tech development.

Developing the technology to deal with the coming climate changes is going to be challenging for all parts of the startup ecosystem - from researchers to investors. New technological innovations for adapting to a rapidly changing climate is needed to reduce the negative effects of climate change that are inevitably coming.

Technoport’s aim is to shed more light on the ‘real’ state of things - we are facilitating, supporting and showcasing the development of real-life solutions for the betterment of everyone - and making sure that we develop the right technologies in the years to come.


We will explore


Cities & Infrastructure

A steep increase in urban population coupled with more extreme events like floods and heat waves will really put our cities to the test. How can we best prepare ourselves for that?


A growing population and rising temperatures means a lot of the resources we depend upon, like food, are in real danger of being in short supply. How can technology help ensure our needs are covered in the future?


Human Condition

A warmer world will change your everyday life and even alter your characteristics and needs. It’s time we updated our user data and insights to ensure we’re developing the right solutions.



Environmental change will trigger major global shifts in migration, geopolitics and markets. How can technology help predict and prevent the big disasters and conflicts that could follow?