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Crash Course in Lobbying

Meeting decisionmakers and politicians can be daunting, and as a result, several high-profile lobbying firms charge hefty sums for assisting in reaching out to politicians. But in reality, there are no secret tricks, just good, sound advice.

At Technoport we are hosting a “Speed Date a Politician” session for researchers and startups. As a warm-up for this and the rest of the conference, Technoports CEO  Snorre Valen will hold a workshop on democratic participation for scientists and startups. With lots of experience from top level politics, you can expect pro-tips on how to make the meetings you have at Technoport really count.

Date: March 26th at
Time: 5PM-6.30PM
Place: Clarion Hotel Trondheim, Room: Andromeda

Free admittance, open for everyone


26 March


– 18:30

(1h 30′)