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AIA Science helps people and organisations solve hard problems with its Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Machine Learning technologies.

Successful artificial intelligence solutions has a huge impact on the companies using them. However, going from a successful model and proof of concept to a scalable, robust and highly valued solution takes a lot of resources. With AIA Mímir, this is taken care of from the beginning, eliminating the idea of a Proof of concept, and instead – starting with a minimum viable product. AIA Mímir enables companies to take artificial intelligence solutions from idea to production in less than 3 weeks. Their machine learning experts create several models and no expert time is wasted, as AIA Mímir takes care of all the time-consuming management tasks that come with machine learning technology. Decision makers have the best available insight at all times, and can always make the best decision.

AIA Science was started in March 2017 on June 10th, 2016 and is now a rapidly growing company with 18 employees. Our goal is to become a global supplier that enables all businesses to get maximum value out of their data using artificial intelligence.

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