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Going to a conference means not just listening to people, but also meet people. We have different ways for you to meet, share and innovate.

Speed Date a Politician: We’re giving startups and researchers the chance to share their problems and input with politicians like Henrik Asheim (Høyre, Chair of the Finance committee), Kari Elisabeth Kaski (SV, Finance committee) and Torstein Tvedt Solberg(Arbeidpartiet, committee on education & research). APPLY HERE. 

Lobby Crash Course with Snorre Valen: Want to learn how to influence or lobby with decision makers? Join Snorre Valen for a crash course on the 26th of March (day before conference) and show up to Technoport ultra-prepared! Info and sign up.

These are small group discussions with speakers and experts on specific topics.  You’ll see topics like Managing emotions in the innovation process, The New Space Race, and Global Health. Capacity is limited, full program here and registrations are open (via our app)

The New Space Race – It’s happening now – will Norway be left behind?
The space race is back on, and it’s happening NOW! Will Norway be left behind? Let’s hear what Marianne Vinje Tantillo, from the Norwegian Space Center, thinks about this.

Techno-Romance or Nature-Romance
More than half of the world’s wild vertebrates have gone extinct in 40 years, and humans are to blame. Did we forget about biodiversity? Will technology help us solve the problem when it is technology that allowed us to damage nature?

Managing Emotions in the Innovation Process – How to design the process and structure accordingly
Innovation is a complicated process, where emotions can often come into play. Keeping this in mind, How can we design the innovation process and structure it accordingly?

Skills, Systems and Security
How do automation and standardization change our perception of skill and competence? In the wake of the recent Boeing 737-MAX disasters, we need to discuss and explore how automation and standardization require new skill sets.

Global Health building breakthrough partnerships

Creating a social-impact startup

From research to solutions: How do we speed up the Nordic innovation system?