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Tech for breakfast


Enjoy breakfast and chat with like minded people about the tech areas you just got an energetic update to!



Our sessions feature a mix of inspiring talks, panels & pitches:

  • Myths, Missions & Moonshots
    In the world of innovation, who’s is actually creating value and who is just extracting it? And what does it take to do a moonshot?
  • Boosting Business
    What can we learn from the downfall of a Nordic giant like Nokia? Is an innovation lab really the right answer to increase your organisations innovation output? And what key tech developements should you already be preparing for?
  • Panel: Nordic Deep Tech, Nordic Jobs?
    Taking new tech from lab to market is hard, but turning them into new industries and new jobs that stay in the Nordic is harder. How can we get better at turning our deep tech innovation into longterm local value, instead of exporting patents and talent??
  • Global Goals
    How can we collaborate to solve some of the huge challenges ahead? What can we learn from working with tech under extreme conditions? And what are some of the exciting Nordic solutions to global goals?
  • Research & Results
    Can a new mission lead approach to research yield unexpected results? How can knowledge transfer be used to maximize research impact? This, and updates on some inspiring Nordic research results.
  • Next in Norway
    Get to know some of the most exciting tech innovators in Norway when NTNU will hand out this year’s Discovery grants, and the national winner of “Young Innovator Award” is crowned!



A more intimate stage with longer, specialized sessions and a strong focus on panels and audience interactivity. This is the place to be if you want to dive into real challenges and specifics right along side the experts. This year we’ll be discussing:

  • Disruptive climate technologies
  • Managing AI risks
  • Biotech: Balancing great possibilites with societal concerns
  • How technological leaps require organizational change

innovation EXPO


Playground & HANGOUT

innovation EXPO


Playground & HANGOUT

dinner crawl


Need dinner plans? Join an eclectic group of randoms, or new friends as we like to call them, for a visit to one of Trondheim’s cozy restaurants. While you do have to pay for your own dinner, we’ve handpicked restaurants that are good value.

The Afterparty


Join us in the city center for an epic after party and exploration of a dystopian future….