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Anna Kirah

CEO, Making Waves

Anna Kirah is Cheif Experience Officer at Making Waves, a digital consulting company based in Oslo, Norway. Anna is an internationally acclaimed design anthropologist and psychologist who has worked in corporations such as Boeing and Microsoft, and consulted with clients in a wide variety of sectors including software development, advertising, transportation, retail, banking, and public services.

Much of Anna’s research relates to the impact of the digital lifestyle on companies and organizations and the subsequent changes in how we meet the demands of the people we serve (our customer’s and potential customer’s both inside and outside of our organizations).

Anna´s trademark is the people-centric approach to innovation and the user experience, which requires the involvement of “users” in the design of services, products and organizational change.  She was on the board of Denmark´s User Driven Innovation Fund promoting the people-centric approach in both Denmark´s private and public sectors.  In addition to Making Waves, she sits on the board of Design Without Borders which applies strategic service design to solving challenges in developing countries.  When she is not at work, she is often found in the forest hunting moose and birds or picking mushrooms and cloudberries.