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Collaboration & data for industry

Clarify is a data exploration and collaboration platform designed to be visual, intuitive and interactive. Clarify surfaces the information you need to do your best work and makes it easy to share data and insights with the people you want to involve.

Our goal is to help you collaborate to discover possibilities for improvement and innovation, and to tackle problems before they grow critical. Our technology and services does the heavy lifting so that you get the overview you need to focus on doing your best work.

At the heart of Clarify is our «collaborative timeline» concept which presents process data in its natural way, in relation to time.

  • Timelines let you easily visualise and explore years worth of data fast and intuitively.
  • You choose the sources important to your work and can involve others to share insights and add additional context, if you want to.

Our technology for combining process and asset data with human knowledge is unique. By making this available as an everyday tool we want to help build the best possible foundation to make better decisions, reduce waste and seize new opportunities.

Clarify is currently being developed in collaboration with key industry players in aquaculture, agriculture and heavy production industries. The project is supported by Innovation Norway.

We are tight group of eight dedicated to the craft of building the best technology and enjoyable solutions to real world problems.

Searis was founded in 2012 by four friends and students at NTNU. Our vision from day one has been to help people use technology to do their best work. Since then we have worked alongside people in various industries to learn and discover how we best can focus our efforts and use our skills to solve hard challenges, leading up to our current work with Clarify.

We have broad technical expertise, from low level hardware integrations to consumer facing mobile apps. We have developed life saving apps for search and rescue operations, governmental reporting tools, life prolonging wearables for the consumer market, control systems for heavy industries and digitalised factories, to name a few projects.

We are self-funded and have no external owners.