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Exero Technologies

Exero’s first product, Spike, lets people with disabilities independently stay active in different terrains. With an
innovative steering mechanism, terrain wheels and individual adaptation, Spike challenges today’s solutions. In a market where there is a huge need for new equipment, Spike stands out with it’s sporty design and functionality. People with disabilities will no longer have to use risky solutions as Spike has a safe braking system which allows the user to take on inclined terrain. These properties make Spike excellent for exercise and enjoyment. Prototyping, testing and user oriented development processes have been essential for designing the Spike.

3.2 million people in the US and Scandinavia are handicapped from the waist downward. It is undeniably important for them to stay active to be included in everyday activities and live a happy lifestyle.. Making exercise easy and enjoyable for users makes a big difference, as they are used to risky and homemade solutions. Spike introduces a new way of exercising which fills the gap with current solutions. Spike makes it easy and fun to exercise or entertain yourself with friends, while providing a stable and safe training.