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Fride Vullum-Bruer

Associate Professor, NTNU

Fride Vullum-Bruer is Assoc. Prof. at DMSE (Department of Materials Science and Engineering) and has also served as deputy head of the department. She has for the past 10 years built up the research activity on materials for Li-ion batteries and alternative battery chemistries at NTNU. During this time she has lead many research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway,  including leading the research area on batteries in the research center MoZEES (Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems). Vullum-Bruer has educated 5 PhD candidates and approximately 15 MSc students in battery related topics in the past years.

And currently, there are approximately 15 PhDs, post docs, researchers and master students working in the battery group at DMSE. From April 1 st Vullum-Bruer will start a new position with SINTEF Energy, where she will continue to work on energy related topics, particularly energy storage.