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MULTIGUIDE, NTNU & St.Olavs Hospital

MultiGuide is an image guided instrument that enables true navigation of non-navigable working instruments. It is easily adaptable to any commercial available navigation system, for example through universal adapter systems. It has 3 main components, the proximal piece, the body and the end piece.

Multiguide can be applied to a variety of procedures involving image guided navigation:

  • Biopsies
  • Implants
  • Destructive Procedures
  • High Precision Injections


MultiGuide is a collaborative effort between the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, St. Olavs Hospital and NTNU Technology Transfer. It’

MultiGuide is developed by an academic investigational group based in Trondheim, Norway. The group is affiliated to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University Hospital of Trondheim. We explore the potential for developing new, innovative procedures taking advantage of the possibilities of image guided interventions.


Multiguide represents a significant advantage in the development of new image guided procedures

MultiGuide significantly lowers the cost and complexity associated with image guided interventions. As a result, MultiGuide may represent a shift from highly specialized procedures performed by few, to easy-to-perform procedures within the reach of any surgeon or physician. Additionally, it facilitates a shift from general to local anesthesia, increasing intervention accessibility.

These significant advantages open possibilities not yet seen for image guide procedures. The headache treatment may serve as an example of the market potential of one of several MultiGuide interventions.