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Jens Røyrvik

Senior Researcher, NTNU

Jens Røyrvik has a PhD in Social Anthropology, in which he discussed the technological conquest of nature by the oil industry. This topic then became the basis for the subject The Anthropology of Technology, that he teaches at NTNU. At the center of this study subject is techno-logic, which makes the world appear as instrumental and drives global megatrends such as standardization, objectification, commodification and entification of reality.

At NTNU’s Samfunnsforskning (Social Research Department), Røyrvik is the head of the energy research group. He deals with issues related to technological articulation, with a philosophical rooting in Heidegg’s investigation of technology, Marx’s machine theory, Johansen’s determination of the boundary and Larsen’s investigation of identification as a phenomenon. Within the department, he has also worked extensively in different fields such as: working life and organization, shipping, safety, migration and child welfare.

In addition to research and teaching, Røyrvik works as a control room operator in NTNU’s Samfunnsforskning Space Research Experiments, conducted at the International Space Station (ISS). Here, he links experiences from the control room with the anthropology of technology through studies of control, hierarchy, power and skill in technology-dens settings.