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Jon Øyvind Eriksen

Investment Director, Investinor

Jon Øyvind Eriksen is an accomplished deep tech venture capital investor. He is investment director and sector lead for the tech investment area at Investinor, the largest venture capital investor in Norway. He has led deep tech investments across sub-sectors as diverse as software platforms, big data, cybersecurity, semiconductors and biopharma.

Jon Øyvind Eriksen currently serves at the board of the deep tech companies BerGenBio, Northern.tech, Novelda, Numascale, Signicat, Swarm64 and Unacast. As a board member he supports the founders and management of the companies he is involved with, and assists them with business strategy development, recruitment, negotiations, fund-raising and exit-planning. Before Jon Øyvind Eriksen became an investment professional, he was a serial entrepreneur with a strong track record from the tech sector. He served 15 years as CEO of Internet Aksess, Mogul
Technology and Kantega, successful tech companies who repeatedly delivered break-through innovations to their customers.

Jon Øyvind holds an MSc in Biotechnology from NTNU and an MBA with distinction from London Business School.