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Jude Pullen

Tech Scout & Direction Designer, LEGO

Jude is an award-winning Design Engineer with an unparalleled appetite to investigate each subject matter that crosses his path. With a passion for bridging seemingly disparate disciplines, he is fascinated by fresh design challenges, be they human, mechanical or virtual. Exceptionally skilled at creating physical prototypes, he uses these models to explore design ideas, be they concepts for Dyson, a medical device for NHS, a fire-fighting robot or a mini space-pod. As Head of Research, Development and Technology (2013-17) at London start-up Sugru, he has been praised for his outstanding ability to apply design thinking to his management approach, while leading groundbreaking new patented ‘child-safe’ formulations.

As of April 2017, Jude will be joining LEGO Creative Play Lab to work with technology scouting.