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Karin Knox

Philantrophy Lead, Palantir
Photo - Karin Knox

Why Karin?
Palantir’s use of big data to help fight big issues like terrorism, human trafficking and fraud is a perfect example of what role tech can have in society. And the key to their success can be found in the human factor: a human-computer symbioses which perfectly merges the strengths of humans with those of technology. And a unique company culture that embodies challenges and diversity to the max. We’re super honered to have Karin come share the secret to Humanizing Data with us.


Karin Knox leads Palantir’s Philanthropy team that partners with organizations to help them take a data-driven approach to solve hard social problems. Karin previously managed health behavior change programs in Africa and co-founded a strategic communications and campaigns firm in South Africa, specializing on social issues. Karin also worked for the European Union civilian crisis mission for Iraq to support the rule of law in Iraq, and established political capacity building programs across the southern Caucasus and Eastern Europe. She is a member of the 2004 Dutch World Champion Underwater Hockey team. Karin graduated LLM and LLB cum laude at Utrecht University in The Netherlands and lives in California