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Lauri Reuter

Disruptive Technologies Specialist & Challenger

The key to solving some of the biggest problems of modern society might lie in challenging the way we think. Lauri is an expert on Disruptive Technologies at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and will show us how a new type of research programme, focusing on bold and wild research, have yielded amazing results.

Lauri Reuter holds a PhD in biotechnology and works as the senior specialist of disruptive technologies at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. He started his career at VTT in 2012 as a researcher in the plant biotechnology team, but has since consistently focused more and more on larger, world-changing visions. In 2017, he attended the Global Solutions Program at Singularity University, where he got to explore a range of fast developing technologies to solve the huge problems societies are facing, such as climate change and famine.

In his current position, Reuter’s task is to bring this line of thought to a research company of more than 2000 problem solvers. He is responsible for figuring out which technologies, and how, will truly change the world and for building a new research program focusing on bold and wild research ideas. Reuter is also a highly valued science communicator whose insights especially on applying biotechnology in the future food system are appreciated internationally.