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Living Light

What if we can ‘save energy’ by using already available energy sources? What if plants could provide us with energy, saving us from all the harmful energy sources which are currently driving our energy system? We have created Living Light as we want to show the beautiful and poetic side of ‘living energy’ and forge new connections between humans, nature and technology, creating a mutual dependence and a closed circle between these three components. Let’s save energy by tapping into nature with care, we therefore introduce you the Living Light.

Living Light is an atmospheric lamp which harvests its energy from the plant living next to the lamp itself. The light of the lamp is produced by ‘plant microbial fuel cell technology ‘: energy generated by bacteria in the soil which release electrons while breaking down organic compounds of the plant. Softly stroking the leafs transforms this ordinary plant into a Living Light. The duration of light depends on the wellbeing of the plant: the better you take care of the plant, the more energy you will receive from the plant. Hereby Living Light will remind us once again that if we take good care of nature, nature will provide us with everything we need. This state of mutual dependence is a realisation humans lost over time, a realisation which we need to get back in time.