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PlatoScience (DK)

Plato is a neurostimulator: a consumer device that can influence the brain functions of the person wearing it. In everyday terms it is a ‘thinking cap’, using electrical signals similar to those naturally occurring in the brain, to activate or deactivate certain brain areas. It might sound unreal, but the research behind the technology is rigorous and scientifically well supported.

The current product is designed to help professional knowledge workers to select between the two brain functions most crucial for problem solving: creative thinking (divergent brain functions) and focused thinking (convergent brain functions). The product is based on years of scientific research into the nature of problem solving, both by team members and by other researchers.

In a typical scenario, the user faces a complex task but finds herself in the wrong type of mindset to solve the task: Instead of waiting for the right mindset to occur, the user can put on the product and select which of the two mindsets – creative or focused – that is required for the task, and the product will support the brain to get to that mindset. The current product is controlled using a customized smartphone app.



Run by danish PlatoScience, Plato is a crowdscience project aiming to unlock the potential of neurostimulation technology through engaging people in large scale distributed scientific testing.

They have a dedicated team of neuroscientists, engineers, developers and creatives who envision a future where the curious have access to safe and simple-to-use brain stimulation, without side-effects.