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Ripple Aerospace

Ripple Aerospace is a Norwegian aerospace company developing the oceanic Sea Serpent launch system. Leveraging Norway’s long history of seafaring, shipbuilding, and maritime technology, we are developing a rocket class capable of being built, launched and recovered on the sea.

Given the inefficiency of the space economy and launch service industry, our goal is to bring to market a mobile, reusable and scalable launch system capable of delivering medium, heavy and super heavy payloads into space. With industrial and commercialization partners from across Norway and abroad, the oceanic Sea Serpent launch system aims to be the preferred method of cargo transportation into space, providing the global economy a low-cost and accessible launch system


Ripple’s Sea Serpent rocket class is mobile, reusable and scalable enabling a cost effective rocket which can be integrated into the global logistical network and provide payloads of varying sizes and mission profiles to customers.  Designed to be built in shipyards to utilize maritime manufacturing processes, Sea Serpent rockets will be massed produced to empower customers the ability to gain access to launch systems by means of Ripple’s launch provider services or direct rocket ownership.

In order to provide greater access to space, Sea Serpent class rockets are the first rocket class to be integrated into the global logistical network. Concept of operations involves payloads to be loaded in ports,  hauled by tug boat to a designated launch spot where fueling takes place, launched, recovered by tug boat and then brought back to port for reassembly.

Website // You tube movie of concept