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Sounds Good

Sounds Good helps users improve their pronunciation and vocabulary in a fun, easy and efficient manner. Based on extensive research at the Department of Language and Literature at NTNU, Sounds Good has the ability to customize pronunciation exercises to the users’ native language. It will be like learning from a private teacher who understands your verbal challenges. The pronunciation app provides four kinds of exercises: language sound recognition, similar sounds distinction, spelling from sound, and word pronunciation. The Sounds Good Pronunciation Evaluator combines existing techniques from speech technology with decision theory to provide automatic and reliable pronunciation feedback, and the company’s custom-made prioritization engine helps the user learn relevant vocabulary. This accelerates learning and improves the quality of the user’s speech.

Sounds Good helps people practice listening comprehension and correct pronunciation effectively, when and where they want to and without the need of a fluent-speaking teacher! At this moment, more than 1 billion people globally are learning to speak English, but have up until now been unable to learn pronunciation efficiently without the access to a personal teacher. With its fun learning games and great scalability, the Sounds Good app is positioned to make a huge impact in the language learning market.