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Timo Vuori

Innovation Strategist

Based on his extensive research on the fall of the Nordic giant Nokia, Timo will give us insights into just how much the human side of innovation and strategy matters, and that to be successful at technological innovation requires way more than just excellent R&D.

Timo Vuori is an assistant professor of strategic management at Aalto University, Finland. His research focuses on the interplay of “soft” and “hard” factors in the strategy and innovation processes.

He believes that the best strategies are formed when the rational and mechanical side, such as analyses, metrics and structure, are complemented with a proper awareness of the human side, including shared feelings and cognitive dynamics. His extensive research on Nokia’s decline and renewal has gained wide international and academic recognition.

Overall, he has produced over 60 written works, including articles in the leading academic journals and a practitioner-oriented book. He has also collaborated with several companies.