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Vegar Ottesen

PhD Research Fellow, NTNU

Vegar is a bio-nanotechnologist (M.Sc.) working as a PhD researching a novel and green solution to eliminate the need of plastics for food packaging. He’s part of the “Biorefinery and Fiber Technology” research group at NTNU and his work, which is a part of the NORCEL project is funded through the Research Council of Norway’s NANO2021 project.

Vegar is also a proud father, scientist, burgeoning podcaster and science disseminator. Having lived outside of Norway in his youth and often travelling with his wife, he has a keen appreciation for other cultures. While working on projects that have long-term sustainability and global benefits, he recognized the importance of science and technology for humanity’s survival. Vegar believes that it is essential to speak about science as frequently as possible in a way that allows it to be understood and is accessible by all.