Ýrr Mørch

Yrr Mørch.png

Nanomedicine specialist, SINTEF

Dr. Ýrr Mørch is a senior research scientist at SINTEF. Her main goal is to improve treatment of diseases such as cancer and serious infections using nanomedicine.

Researchers at SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations, have developed several technology platforms designed to deliver drugs selectively to the disease site, so-called targeted delivery. The clue is to use nanoparticles – particles that are so small that several thousand particles can fit around a human hair.

Together with her colleagues and academic research partners, Mørch is working on the development and optimization of nanoparticles and on the understanding of how these tiny particles affect cells and tissue. This next generation of medicines is currently being tested through pre-clinical studies.

Ýrr Mørch is a chemist by training and holds a PhD in biotechnology. She leads and is involved in numerous international and national research projects within nanomedicine.

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