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We agree with Wired and Yuval Noah Harari: Science Fiction is the most important genre! In our quest to explore the future and technology at Technoport 2019, we’re bringing you an exclusive book reading with acclaimed sci-fi author Bår Stenvik.

He will read from “The Information”.

“Sven left Nora. Or did Nora leave Sven? Something went wrong between them  –but what? Sven should know. He’s an expert in interpersonal communications for the company Human Content, analyzing and counseling people on body language, coaching professionals. His relationship rupture coincides with a mysterious new project, where Sven is tasked with teaching emotional expression to the artificial intelligence SAM, an experimental digital coach. As Sven’s knowledge is transferred to SAM, man and machine grow closer. But how reliable are his assessments? Why does he experience blackouts? What does the company actually want from him? And what happened to Nora?

The Information is a love story involving a woman, a man, and a computer program. A fable about trying to become a better version of oneself. And a suspenseful tale about being human in the information age.

The film rights for The Information have been acquired by Bulldozer Film.

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