Harald A. Martens

Harald Martens.png

Chief Researcher, Idletechs

Harald Martens, the founder of Idletechs AS, is today the company’s research leader. Having retired from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and the Nofima food research institute, Ås, Norway, he is also working as an external professor at the Department of Engineering Cybernetics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim Norway.

Harald has written several hundred papers and several books, which have been cited more than 20 000 times (April 2018).

His background is in biochemical engineering and bio-chemometrics. His research has primarily been focused on new methods to convert high-dimensional measurements of various kinds into understandable displays and quantitative predictions. His primary research interest now is in nonlinear integrative subspace cybernetics, and in new ways to teach math and statistics to particularly creative and emphatic students.

He is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Technical Sciences, and has received several international research prizes.

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