Inga Strümke

Inga Strümke.png

PhD Candidate

Inga Strümke is currently finishing her PhD in particle physics where she has researched the application of machine learning methods in beyond Standard Model physics.  In relation with her work, she has given invited talks and seminars at international conferences and institutions, focusing on the probabilistic interpretation of machine learning output.

The strong requirements for uncertainty estimates and domain of validity for models within particle physics have inspired her to be conscious about the statistical understanding behind the increased use of machine learning algorithms in decision making. She cares about the possibilities and consequences associated with using artificial intelligence in society and the industry, and has written numerous essays and appeared on national radio and television, communicating AI and fundamental physics to the public.

Inga obtained her master’s degree in theoretical physics on thermal quantum field theory from NTNU in 2012, and has previously worked within IT security and petrophysics.

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