Pål Sætrom

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Founder and professor, NTNU

Dr. Pål Sætrom is professor of bioinformatics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Trained as a computer scientist (MSc 2001), Sætrom co-founded Interagon AS (2002) where he used machine learning to study the emerging world of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs). After defending his Dr. Philos. in Bioinformatics (2005) and training as a postdoc with Prof. John J. Rossi (City of Hope, CA), Sætrom established his research group at NTNU in 2007. Here, Sætrom’s work has focused on ncRNA-mediated gene regulation and epigenetics, how these mechanisms are affected by variation in DNA, and how the mechanisms can be exploited for therapeutic solutions.

Sætrom’s work has resulted in 6 granted patents and 70+ international peer reviewed publications. He is co-founder of MiNA Therapeutics, which is currently running a clinical trial of an ncRNA-based therapy against liver cancer.

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