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The Playground

Our favorite hangout where you can make new friends while trying things like flying a drone with Arveng Technologies HuMi Smart Glove, Playfinity’s smart ball or how about trying on the world’s first electric autonomous tail by Costail? Great activities from great startups is a win in our book!

Playfinity is a game console for activity. Where PlayStation and Xbox have a universe of screen based games, Playfinity creates a platform for gamification of activity. The game console’s sensors send information about its movements to mobile apps via Bluetooth. The user interface while playing is audio based, human to human interaction, in the nature. We call it Real Reality.

Behind the company are five fathers who wanted to create something positive to make active play and sport more competitive at a time when children are becoming increasingly screen-dependent and inactive.

Playfinity won the mobile industry’s prize “Gulltasten 2018 for best health and fitness product” in competition with Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Polar and Garmin.

Come and visit ut and try it out yourself!

CosTail is the first electric tail that moves with your body as you walk. No remote controller. No fuzz. A tail, just as if you were an animal.

Arveng Technologies – The HuMI Smart Glove
Our solution will be an immersive and engaging way to control the technology that surrounds us.

We are making a glove fitted with sensors on each finger in order to capture the motion of the hand. The data will then be used to construct a 3D model of the hand, which in turn will recognize the gestures the user wants to use to control their machine.

This way we hope to minimize the effort required by the user in learning to control a drone. We aim to provide a more natural and intuitive way of controlling drones, and we think that this will make the experience of interacting with drones more immersive and engaging, and ultimately more fun!