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Want to exhibit?

Every year Technoport carefully chooses 30 innovative projects to showcase during the Technoport Conference.  Application for exhibiting at Technoport 2019 on the 27th of March can be found here:

Apply to exhibit

Projects will be chosen from December to March, with the 1st of March being the final deadline, so the sooner you apply the higher the chance to get in. Please read all the info on this page before applying. Our partners NTNU and Sintef have made sure it’s free for startups and research projects to exhibit, and exhibiting also includes one free ticket. Check out the practical info at the bottom to make sure what you’re getting yourself into

If you have any questions or just want more info, please send an email to Marie at marie.johansen@technoport.no

Why exhibit?
Exhibiting at Technoport is an unique opportunity to reach over 1000 innovation oriented attendees from diverse fields of knowledge. Researchers, startups, investors, business leaders, students, early adopters…they all come to Technoport to be updated on what’s happening in the tech world and to discuss and exchange ideas and knowledge. So if you are looking for customers, investors, new team members or simply want to get your work out there and receive invaluable feedback: Technoport is the place to be.

As an exhibitor you will get featured on our webpage and in our event app, and there will be possibilities for articles on our pages along with media attention. We will also do our best to help you achieve your networking goals, whether it is meeting experts in certain fields, recruiting students, pitching to investors or something else. Some might also be asked to give a talk during Technoport.

Election criteria
The expo is open to research projects, startups, companies and other types of initiatives, as long as they fit the bill. Technoport will make a selection based on how the applicant scores in the following criteria, along with taking the expo as a whole into consideration.

  • Innovative tech
  • Impact potential
  • Good fit for Expo format

Being early stage or a long way from hitting the market is not a problem as long as you have something tangible. We want to give people a sneak peek into our potential future, if it’s 5 months, 5 years or even 15 years away. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get feedback and test the waters for your research or technology.

A different type of Expo
This expo is curated and thematic, and the main focus will be on showcasing the tech itself and making it a good experience for both exhibitors and attendees. This means no rollups and big marketing displays, but an even playing field where innovation takes the main stage.

Curated means that not only do we carefully choose who gets to exhibit, but we also help you make a kick ass expo, to benefit both yourself and our audience. We’ll make the posters based on info you give us, and advice on the physical layout and everything else with you. This is to make it easier for you, and to ensure both high quality and that it relates to the theme in the right way.

Our partners have made sure that researchers and startups don’t have to pay to exhibit at the Innovation Expo and it even includes 1 ticket to Technoport. More are available for team members at a special rate: 750NOK/75 EUR. If you’re travelling from another city or country, we have some special arrangements available for a select few. Please contact us to find out more.

There are also possibilites for established companies, but these are to be negotiated on an individual basis with what is being exhibited and the level of experience it will give to our audience being one of the most important factors.

What you get:

  • Prime and exclusive expo spot
  • One free Technoport ticket

What you have to do (within the given deadlines)

  • Send us requested info, logo and pictures for website
  • Fill out a form mapping out your expo needs (power sockets, tables etc)
  • Agree with us on the content and layout of your expo (so we can assign the right space)
  • Register for your ticket
  • Set up Expo the evening before the event (we have night guards + possibility to lock stuff in)
  • Have your expo up for the whole day (probably from 8.30 to 16.00 or 17.00)

We include one free ticket per expo to ensure you can take full advantage of the conference and the matchmaking possibilities. It is however greatly advised to be more than one person, so you can be many at peak times and take turns for slower periods. For this we offer discounted tickets of 750NOK per person. But, we understand that financials can be tough, so if you have more people joining just to help out at the Expo, they will get special access for free, but no badge. Please be advised that without a badge they will not get access to lunch, talks or workshops, but will be free to access the expo area.

Apply for the Innovation Expo here.

If you have any questions or just want more info, please send an email to Head of Conference Marie at marie@technoport.no